Our main concern is to produce components of the highest quality with repeatability,  with current machines now starting to age it was time to invest in a new tube bending  machine that is not only much more accurate, but also drastically reduces lead times due to its operating and set up speed.

SOCO SB-38x2B-1S/2S

Mild Steel Capacity Ø 38.1mm x 3.17t x 1.5D
Stainless Capacity Ø 38.1mm x 2.2t x 1.5D

Features & Functions:
Fully automatic and cost-effective CNC Pipe Benders
Single and multi-stack models
Electric servo controlled feeding & rotation axes to ensure high precision (+/- 0.1 mm and +/- 0.1° ) and reliability
NC Programmable hydraulic bending arm with bending repeatability of +/- 0.15°
Hydraulic pressure die assist for every bending stack
Automatic mandrel lubricating system
2 speed mandrel extraction system
Wiper die, pressure die and clamping die seats
Electric control cabin with cooling and ventilation fan

ADDISON NC 32 & 52

Maximum capacity to bend tube uo to 38.1mm on a 150mm
radius to 16 gauge maximum.

Minimum material size of 12.7mm 25mm radius.